Is This the Last We See of Johnson Lee?

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Just a day after his release from police custody, Johnson Lee appears to have vanished. 

  • Lee’s mother and sister already residing in the US
  • Speculation Lee has fled the country
  • Man hangs himself with JJPTR clippings on him

Checks on his two last known addresses revealed that he moved out at least two years ago. The Star reported that a former neighbour said she was still in touch with Lee’s mother who is residing in the US with his sister.

“According to his mother, Lee used to stay in the US but came back a few years ago,” the neighbour said.

Speculation is rife that this is the last anyone will see of Johnson Lee, with some questioning why his bail was set at such a small amount that it will not deter him for skipping the country and enjoy his ill-gotten fortune overseas while JJPTR victims suffer losses, which have put some in debt and caused strife among family and friends.

Those who were not blinded by the unrealistically high returns and have stayed away from money games have little sympathy for the victims, who have been called greedy, foolish and reckless.

The truth be told, many victims admitted they were aware that money games will eventually collapse and they joined to make a quick buck and hopefully get out in time.

But what defies reasoning are the die-hard supporters, who even called Lee a “good person” and were still willing to support his new schemes despite the signs of escalating trouble. It’s not optimism but plain stubbornness to refuse to see the scam and the conman behind it.

For now, victims only want to know what’s going to happen next.

Penang police chief Commissioner Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye said investigations were ongoing despite the release of Lee and his two aides on police bail on Tuesday.

While waiting for further announcements from the police, victims are also waiting to see if Lee will show himself.

Will he do the right thing and face whatever actions are taken by the authorities as well as repay to victims whatever he can from the millions police suspect have been stashed outside the country?

Or has he fled Malaysia without a thought or care for the misery he left behind?

With the latest news that a 54-year-old man had hanged himself from a tree in Taiping with JJPTR newspaper clippings on him, what Johnson Lee can never run away from is he drove a victim to such despair that he took his own life.

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