Nora Extremely Excited About Holiday in Malaysia

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The family of Nora Anne Quoirin, the 15-year-old Franco-Irish teenager who went missing from The Dusun Resort, here since Sunday, said she was extremely excited about the family holiday in Malaysia.

Courtesy of The Lucie Blackman Trust

This was conveyed in a statement issued today by Lucie Blackman Trust, a British charity supporting its nationals during a crisis overseas.

“She has been to Asia, and many European countries before, and has never wandered off or got lost. Nora is very sensitive. Outside the family, Nora is very shy and can be quite anxious,” the family was quoted as saying.

According to the statement, the family described Nora as a fun, funny and extremely loving person.

“With family, she is very affectionate, family is her whole world and she loves to play games, like Cat Bingo, with us. She likes to tell us silly jokes and wear clever, colourful t-shirts. She is not like other teenagers. She is not independent and does not go anywhere alone,” the family said.

Nora, according to her family, was born with Holoprosencephaly but has a good memory though she cannot understand anything conceptual.

“She is unable to do maths and so things like money are impossible to manage. She cannot make or receive phone calls independently. She can wash and dress herself, though she cannot manage buttons, and struggles to wash her hair.

“Nora likes to walk with her family, but her balance is limited and she struggles with coordination,” the family said adding that she can speak French as well as English, but her verbal communication is limited.

Nora, who suffers from learning disabilities, arrived with her family from London on Saturday for a two-week holiday before the family realised her disappearance from her room at the resort at 8am the next day.

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