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Guan Eng urges MACC to probe Nik Abduh for power abuse...

Lim Guan Eng has called on the MACC to probe Nik Mohamad Abduh regarding abuse of power allegations over the wedding of the PAS lawmaker’s son.

Why no action on LCS scandal for over 2 years, Kit...

Similarities between 1MDB scandal and LCS scandal. DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang has questioned the MACC’s inaction in the past two years against individuals implicated...

MACC recommends charges against several individuals linked to LCS scandal

The MACC has completed investigations into individuals linked to alleged irregularities in the handling of the controversial LCS project.

Kit Siang urges MACC to investigate purchase of LCS

The MACC must investigate the alleged mismanagement and discrepancies in the Defence Ministry’s procurement of LCS.

MACC probing claims of graft by 3 Umno MPs who joined...

Claims of graft by Zahid.

MACC still investigating ex-spy chief

Taking more than a year for Hasanah to face fresh charges after being given a DNAA by the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Zahid’s trial: Umno info chief, former MCA leaders also received funding...

MACC to summon all those named in UKSB ledger.

C4: Azam downplaying Malaysia’s ranking on global corruption index

Wrong for Azam to state that human rights and business ethics had little to do with corruption.

Ex-bank CEO linked to RM24m bribery case remanded

A former bank CEO with a "Datuk" title has been remanded for three days starting today to assist in a case of receiving bribes amounting to more than RM24 million.

Judge: Apandi disinterested, self-contradictory on Saudi donation

Apandi's own testimony exhibited a plain, disinterested, evasive and disassociated attitude to investigate the donation further.

NGO: Cabinet member involved in hiring scam

Cabinet member has been alleged to be involved in false claims and the misappropriation of funds from the PenjanaKerjaya hiring incentive programme.

MACC to determine if any alleged corruption in Baling Musang King...

Some parties have blamed the durian farm for causing the flooding that took three lives recently in the district.

MACC probes Bestinet over supply of Bangladeshi workers

The MACC has launched a probe into Bestinet Sdn Bhd over supply of workers from Bangladesh.

MACC lodges reports over Guan Eng’s and Syed Saddiq’s statements for...

The MACC has lodged two police reports related to two on-going high profile corruption cases involving former ministers for contempt of court.

MACC to probe politicians named in Zahid’s trial

The MACC said it would open investigation papers into several politicians named in Zahid's corruption trial.

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