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HK Adult Film Actress Allegedly Faked Own Mugging

Hong Kong adult film actress Grace Lam allegedly pulled a snatch theft stunt in Bentong, angering netizens.

The Voice of an Angel Taking the World by Storm

Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen's meteoric rise since he became a contestant in Singer 2017 and his phenomenal popularity in China.

Crafty LuxStyle Scam

Danish online retailer website LuxStyle scams by delivering and billing for goods not ordered.

Everybody’s Talking About the Singing Trump!

Donald Trump impersonator in America's Got Talent 2017!

Newborn Walking Minutes After Birth Creates Viral Storm

Viral video of newborn baby walking a few minutes after birth.

Accident Victim Gets to Meet Kind Doc Who Helped Him

Motorcyclist Muhammad Aizuddin Mohd Sharif, gets to meet Good Samaritan Dr Koh Siew Ling who helped him after his accident to thank her personally.

Uber Ride Robbery Victim Loses Child

Woman robbed by Uber driver suffers a miscarriage.

K-Drama Star Kim Woo-bin Has Cancer

Popular South Korean K-Drama actor Kim Woo-bin has been diagnosed with cancer.

Wild Sea Lion Yanks Girl into Water

Watch the video footage of a wild sea lion yanking a young girl into the sea on Canada's west coast.

The Joy of Having a Place Called Home

The heart-warming story of Malaysians helping homeless Jeffry Husin and his family who were staying under a flyover and now have a low-rental flat to call home.

Discovering Star Trek: Discovery

The first photo and trailer of Star Trek: Discovery, which has Michelle Yeoh in the role of Captain Philippa Georgiou.

The Recent ‘Death’ of Avril Lavigne

The Avril Lavigne death hoax resurfaced last weekend and has gone viral.

Swooning over the New President’s Bodyguard

Winning the hearts of swooning fans online, handsome bodyguard overshadows new South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

A Picture That Speaks a Thousand Words

A picture that speaks a thousand words, a shot of a mother monkey's anguish as she holds her collapsed baby.

Beauties with Brains Create Good Vibes for Malaysia

Andrea Thoma, recently engaged to Grant Gustin/The Flash and Cassandra Hsiao, who was accepted by 8 Ivy League colleges, have created good vibes for Malaysia.

Big Changes in Store for Travel Business

It is better to venture into other fields or go into suspended animation, reactivating the travel business only when tourism recovers fully in 2024.

Failure to Defeat Budget 2021

With a leader like the confused and indecisive Anwar, who needs enemies?

P Ramakrishnan: Defeating the Budget – Why Not Now? Why Later?

If PH cannot succeed at the policy stage, how definite is PH that on 17 December it will not fail to defeat the Budget.

Religious Group: Banning Liquor Unconstitutional

The government should look at regulating the sale of liquor instead of imposing a blanket ban.

Covid-19: 1,315 New Cases

Malaysia today recorded 1,315 new Covid-19 cases.

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